Issue: 08/11/2013November 2013

Rotary Adopt A School (Updates on 08/11/2013)

Rotary Adopt A School (RAAS) Information

By RAAS Committee

Sports Day for All 傷健共融運動日 on 2 November 2013 at Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground was successfully held with a new Guinness World Record achieved

Sports Day for All Co-Chair PDG Tony Wong truly thanked all of you for the great support to this event. Mrs. Carrie Lam was our Officiating Guest. DG Eugene Fong, DGE Belinda Yeung and spouse, PDG and Mrs John Wan, CDS Eric Chin, AG Heman Lam, DS Gary Yeung and many District Officers graced our occasion. PDG Peter Wan attended as the VIP of Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation.

PDG Tony Wong expressed his sincerest thanks as below:

“I was overwhelmed with excitement by the announcement from Ms Lisa HOFFMAN, Guinness World Records Adjudicator that a new Guinness World Record (GWR) of “The Longest Handshake Chain” was created by 3,434 participants in the afternoon of 2nd November, 2013 at Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground, Hong Kong.

I take this opportunity to thank all of those who offered their care for visually impaired people, efforts to help, patience to follow and tolerance to adopt sudden changes due to unforeseen difficult situations.

“Sports Day for All” received over 4,700 registrations from very enthusiastic schools, NGOs and Rotary family members of our district in advance. Originally, we must thank to our over 1,200 volunteer helpers who agreed to surrender their registration for GWR to others since the highest allowance of participant for Tseung Kwan O Sport Ground is only 3,510 people.

Unfortunately, we were informed at around 12:40pm that Observatory would consider hoisting Typhoon Signal #3 at about 2:00pm. Since Education Bureau is one of our event hosts, advised us that according to the rules, we must need to prepare for discharging our students once Typhoon Signal #3 was hoisted and the GWR should not be recognized if it was operated under illegal situation. We estimated that we were still waiting for over 1,000 participants to arrive then. After discussion with Lisa, the GWR Adjudicator, she agreed to accept the attempt to be done by all who were there by a simple signing of names for registration.

The decision was made with immediate announcement to request all on site volunteers and helpers to register and proceed to rehearsal within an hour, and final official attempt was made at 3:23 p.m. We were lucky that the Typhoon Signal had not raised higher, and officially registered participants were over 3,000.

Under such difficult circumstances, confusion could be imagined. I must thank all of you who were unbelievably cooperative, disciplined, and truly helpful to make our dream a real one! Please accept my heartiest thankfulness, the laurels are all yours!”

In addition to RAAS Committee, there were 23 Rotary Clubs, 15 RAAS schools, 6 Interact Clubs, District Rotaract Committee and 8 Rotaract Clubs totally over 1,400 people participated from Rotary Family. The attending list is shown as below.



金鐘扶輪社 東華三院張明添中學
離島扶輪社 長洲官立中學長洲官立中學扶輪少年服務團保良局馬錦明夫人章馥仙中學
快活谷扶輪社 文理書院 (香港)馬錦明慈善基金馬可賓紀念中學馬錦明慈善基金馬可賓紀念中學扶輪少年服務團快活谷扶輪青年服務團



香港城北扶輪社 香島中學香港城北扶輪青年服務團香港專業教育學院扶輪青年服務團 (摩理臣山)
香港金融中心扶輪社 基督教香港信義會信義中學 (Hosting School)基督教香港信義會信義中學扶輪少年服務團
香港海港扶輪社 可風中學扶輪少年服務團
香港東區扶輪社 才俊學校聖匠中學聖匠中學扶輪少年服務團香港東區扶輪青年服務團



香港西北區扶輪社香港南扶輪社 鴨洲街坊學校
九龍塘扶輪社 香港布廠商會朱石麟中學
官塘扶輪社 慕光英文書院
半山扶輪社 佛教筏可紀念中學 (Hosting School)福建中學 (官塘)
新界扶輪社 香港中文大學崇基學院扶輪青年服務團新界扶輪青年服務團
半島南扶輪社 庇理羅士女子中學庇理羅士女子中學扶輪少年服務團
半島旭日扶輪社 伯特利中學
君域扶輪社 匡智張玉瓊晨暉學校




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